fried green tomatoes (& a foreword about cooking with bacon fat)


i save my bacon fat, and you should, too.  it is one of the cheapest ways that you can righteously indulge your taste buds.  any emptied, cleaned canned good vessel will work.  i keep mine in the refrigerator, but grannies and great-grannies everywhere have been storing theirs at room temperature for decades, so it’s probably safe to do that, too.  you get food poisoning from that shiz, remember i didn’t endorse it.  the following is a short list of delicious ways to utilize your stored bacon fat (BF): Continue reading

my mom’s old-fashioned battered onion rings


guys, behold a taste of my childhood.  my mom makes the most delicious onion rings, and recently i had the pleasure of having them again (it’d been probably 15 years) while visiting my family in indiana.  i tasted the first one hot out of the frying pan, and got a blister on the roof of my mouth, and through the searing pain, i moaned with pleasure and thought “OMG.  i am so blogging these.”  they are a joy; no frills, no bells & whistles — just sweet/vidalia onions with a clean, light, crispy batter.

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red snapper with mango relish

snapperi giggle at this post, and i haven’t even written it yet.  i’ll tell you why — because within my pack, “snapper” is a crude euphemism for a woman’s ladyparts.  okay, who’s ready to eat some fish?  i really know how to screw up a food blog, right??  get your squeamish ass back here and read my recipe (and pleasure your lady upon finishing?)

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